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Turning on the oven

Today is the historic day that I began this blog. Sorry for my arrogance there, but I guess you need to dream big when it comes to popular hobbies like the one I just chose. You see, no one, and I mean NO ONE believes that I will carry through with this blog. I am not exactly what you might call the ‘commitment type’. But baking is something I am seriously passionate about, and I will try my absolute bestest to see this through! I’ve actually been wanting to blog for months now, but just could not find a topic. I considered fashion, but lesbehonest…I am nowhere near intelligent enough in that arena to even begin advising other people on it! Then one day, I was thinking about summer jobs for an unoriginal teenager like myself. I thought; why not go with something I love doing, and run a two-month pop-up bakery! Then it suddenly dawned on me…THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I SHOULD BLOG ABOUT. And that is the story of how I came to be here. I can’t really do much in terms of baking my own stuff, as I am currently at college and sharing one kitchen between some 2000 students in a good ol’ stereotypical dorm building. Needless to say I am not enthusiastic about entering that kitchen anytime soon. I am limited to my microwave and dreams of my kitchen back at home, where I plan to encourage my mother’s despise of me through my absolute consummation of all available kitchen space. I am quite the ‘don’t talk to me when I’m in the kitchen’ type, and will become incredibly frustrated if you decide to breathe my kitchen air or, god forbid, WATCH ME. When I do return home, expect full on daily blogs, but until then I will try my best to make do with my microwave and the money-nabbing supermarket across the road.

What I wish I could do to my microwave...
What I wish I could do to my microwave…THIS IS WHERE THEY BELONG.